Chris Roberts & Ute Kittelberger 1973

730920 Bravo cover

German Schlager singer Chris Roberts and Bravo “Girl of the Year” Ute Kittelberger on the cover of Bravo of 22 September 1973. If you can’t get enough of Roberts and his hairy coiffure, he will be back on Saturday!

Chris Roberts 1974


German Schlager singer Chris Roberts on a superposter in Bravo in August 1974. Nobody told him that cigarette smoke makes his hair, clothes and breath stink?

A softly-spoken singer of typical clap-along Schlager music, Roberts was born in 1944 as Christian Klusáček — a name that really does require a stage moniker. His mother was German; his father Yugoslavian. Since that liaison was illicit under the Nazis, young Christian didn’t get German citizenship. For 72 years, Roberts remained without citizenship. He applied for a German passport in April 2016, received it a year later, and died in July 2017.