Shakin’ Stevens 1981



Shakin’ Stevens, already 30 years old, on a back-page poster in Bravo of 12 March 1981. He was just having his first hit in Germany with “Marie Marie”.


Bravo 15 April 1982


Shakin’ Stevens features on the cover of Bravo of 15 April 1982. This week 35 years ago, Germany’s youth read about:

• How Joan Jett got to #1 with “I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll”
• Barclay James Harvest’s coming Germany tour
• Victoria Principal at home
• Focus on German new wave bands Extrabreit and Hubert Kah
• Profile on Altered Images singer Clare Grogan
• The new Luis Funes movie

Bravo 2 Dec 1982 (Shakey!)

8212023 Bravo cover

Shakin’ Stevens on the cover of Bravo of 2 December 1982.

That week Germany’s youth read about Bravo reporting from ABBA’s performance on the TV programme Show Express (one of their very last), what dreams mean, why Yazoo are the new Laurel & Hardy (not joking; these assholes actually said that, in reference to the members’ body shapes), a look-back at West Side Story, rock band BAP’s favourite bar, Madness and Depeche Mode on tour in Germany, a new film called E.T.

Oh, and remember the My Melody perfume ad with the girl in the paper boat from 1979, which ran a couple of days ago. She’s still floating around in the issue from three years later, like a good-smelling Flying Dutchman. And if she has not been rescued, she’s still floating on her paper boat.