Liselotte Pulver 1957

571214 Bravo Cover (LPulver)

Swiss actress Liselotte Pulver on the cover of Bravo of 14 December 1957. She had an international career, including a turn in Billy Wilder’s One Two Three. In the late ’70s she became a children’s favourite as “Lilo” on Germany’s version of Sesame Street.

Sophia Loren 1957

570928 Sophia Loren

Sophia Loren in a photospread in Bravo of 28 September 1957. Those photos were taken before she became famous, and La Loren played with the thought of going blond again, contrary to the advice of her studio execs and boyfriend Carlo Ponte. History records that she remained a brunette, and went on to become a global superstar.

The caption says that Loren found these pics as she was sorting through old photographs with a Bravo reporter.