Top 20 hits of 1974


The Top 20 hits of 1974 according to Bravo in the issue of 2 January 1975.

I love Sweet’s “Teenage Rampage” and “The Six Teens”, so this list is good by me. “Waterloo” is great, obviously, and David Cassidy’s “Daydreamer” is a fine song. I have no idea what #2 sounds like.


Bravo charts December 1977


The readers’ charts in Bravo of 22 December 1977. There are some very good sings here: ABBA’s “The Name Of The Game” being the best of the lot. Interesting that at least the Top 4 of the German charts are covers of international hits (from #1 down, by Umberto Tozzi, Raffaela Cara, Kenny Rogers and the Bellamy Brothers).

Number 5, the annoying and horribly catchy “Skateboard” was a parallel hit for Benny and, as an instrumental, by Copains. It was written by Boney M svengali Frank Farian. Here’s Benny singing it on the ZDF Hitparade. Note the complete lack of enthusiasm from the audience; but our Benny keeps smiling.