World Cup 1982


Bravo previews the 1982 World Cup in Spain in its 10 June 1982 issue. They didn’t reckon with Italy winning, beating West-Germany in the final. In the main pic two players who made it reasonable to hate the German team: Karl-Heinz Rummenigge and Paul Breitner.


Favourite sports stars 1978


The winners of the annual poll of favourite sports stars of 1977 was published in Bravo of 9 February. Footballer Hansi Müller, a previous Bravo Boy of the Year finalist, came in straight at number 3.

The men’s Top 10:
1 Sepp Maier (football, West-Germany)
2 Klaus Fischer (football, West-Germany)
3 Hansi Müller (football, West-Germany)
4 Dietrich Thurau (cycling, West-Germany)
5 Dieter Müller (football, West-Germany)
6 Kevin Keegan (football, England)
7 Gerd Müller (football, West-Germany)
8 Rainer Bonhof (football, West-Germany)
9 Alwin Schockemöhle (horse jumping, West-Germany
10 Franz Klammer (downhill ski, Austria)

And the women’s Top 10:
1 Annegret Richter (sprint, West-Germany)
2 Dagmar Lurz (figure skating, West-Germany)
3 Evi Mittermaier (downhill ski, West-Germany)
4 Christa Zechmaier (downhill ski, West-Germany)
5 Pamela Behr (downhill ski, West-Germany)
6 Rosi Mittermaier (downhill ski, West-Germany)
7 Ellen Wellmann (middle-distance runner, West-Germany)
8 Rosemarie Ackermann (high jump, East-Germany)
9 Brigitte Holzapfel (high jump, West-Germany)
10 Eva Wilms (shot-put, West-Germany)

Here’s the men’s category winner, Bayern Munich goalkeeper Sepp Maier


Bayern München 1976

Players from Bayern München swept the top 3 in the annual readers’ poll for favourite sports star of 1975, published in Bravo of 22 January 1976. The Top 10 of men (the women’s ran in the Princess Ann post on Sunday):

1 Sepp Maier (football, West Germany)
2 Gerd Müller (football, West Germany)
3 Franz Beckenbauer (football, West Germany)
4 Björn Borg (tennis, Sweden)
5 Berti Vogts (football, West Germany)
6 Johnny Ceccotto (motorcycle racing, Venezuela)
7 Francisco Marinho (football, Brazil)
8 Muhammad Ali (boxing, USA)
9 Egon Müller (motorcycle speedway racing, West-Germany)
10 Rainer Bonhof (football, West Germany)

On the centre-spread poster is winner Sepp Maier:


Gerd Müller, the greatest goal-scorer of all time:


Franz Beckenbauer, greatest all-round player ever:


Bravo 5 Oct 1978 (+ football article)


Big Elvis on the cover of Bravo of 5 October 1978. This week 40 years ago, Germany’s youth read about:

• Presley’s private secretary Becky Yancey: “Elvis had magical powers”.
• All about Battlestar Galactica
• Dee Dee Ramone’s return home to Berlin
• Clout: “The five rock girls from South Africa”
• Thin Lizzy in concert in London
• Two rising football stars (see below)
• Focus on new wave band Japan
• Jörg Treptow: The boss of The Teens
• Actor Lex Barker remembered
• Singer Ireen Sheer: “I was a beauty queen at 17”
• Tragedy of four teens killed in a car crash on way home from holiday
• The life of a F1 mechanic (it’s not glamorous)
• The Motors: “For Brits give gas”
• Actress Olivia Pascal’s lifestory

Bravo’s insightful article on Dortmund goalie Eike Immel and future Germany legend Pierre Littbarski of 1. Fc Köln, both still only 18 then.


Pierre Littbarski 1982


German footballer Pierre Littbarski of 1. FC Köln poster on a centre-spread poster in Bravo of 4 February 1982. The likable 21-year-old had two goals on his international debut for West-Germany in a 3-1 win in Austria in October 1981. Littbarski (who featured here before) came second in the readers’ poll for most popular sports star of 1981, behind Karl-Heinz Rummenigge.

Finishing behind the two football players were six other footballers:

3. Hansi Müller
4. Björn Borg (Tennis)
5. Toni Schumacher
6. Bernd Schuster
7. Toni Mang (Motorcycle racing)
8. Paul Breitner
9. Horst Hrubesch
10. Klaus Fischer

The women’s top ten:
1. Denise Biellmann (Figureskater)
2. Tina Riegel (Figureskater)
3. Christa Kinshofer (Skier)
4. Irene Epple (Skier)
5. Sylvia Hanika (Tennis)
6. Chris Evert (Tennis)
7. Tracy Austin (Tennis)
8. Ulrike Meyfarth (Highjumper)
9. Dagmar Lurz (Figureskater)
10. Evi Mittermaier (Skier)

Pierre Littbarski 1982

82-06-16 Littbarski

Footballer Pierre Littbarski of 1. FC Köln featured in Bravo of 16 June 1982, coinciding with the 1982 World Cup in Spain. The previous season Littbarski had been the breakthrough star, making his debut for West-Germany with two goals in a 3-1 win against Austria in Vienna. Littbarski had superb skills and was a very nice guy (probably still is). In 1990 he won the World Cup in 1990.