Bravo 12 Jan 1978

780112 Bravo cover

A young woman is waiting for all her clothes to dry on the cover of Bravo of 12 January 1978. This week 42 years ago, Germany’s youth read about:

• The Bay City Rollers’ imminent Germany tour
• Status Quo’s Rick Parfitt: Easy-going guy with a German wife
• Stress and alcohol: Alice Cooper at the end?
• Introducing TV’s Thomas Gottschalk
• The Mike Douglas story
• Why Linda Blair was arrested (drugs)
• Danish band Mabel ready to conquer Germany
• Sex-ed: Sexual dreams in puberty
• Wishbone Ash on their Germany tour
• Next big New Wave act from New York: The Dictators (no, me neither)
• The Dead End Kids: Our wild three years

Bravo cover 24 Jan 1980 (Nastassja Kinski)


Nastassja Kinski features on the cover of Bravo of 24 January 1980. The cover story follows below (avert your eyes if you are offended by nudity). This week 38 years ago, Germany’s youth read about:

• Will these be the big stars of the ’80s: Gary Numan, Buggles, Madness, Devo?
• Who is the best-looking member of Cheap Trick?
• Teen actor Thomas Ohrner’s masses of fan mail
• Sex ed: What happens when girls have their period?
• Rod Stewart’s last ten years in photos

And here’s Nastja. She says she’ll never again show as much skin as she does in Stay As You Are.



Bravo 12 Nov 1981 (lovebirds)

811112 Bravo cover

The cover of Bravo of 12 November 1981. Nudity on the cover? In the name of sexual education, this was not uncommon. Inside the magazine nudity was quite normal.

Apart from naked bodies, the youth of Germany read about Farrah Fawcett in Germany, Styx on tour, how Elvis’ bodyguard’s new book apparently drags on The King through the mud (and Bravo doesn’t like it one bit), Bravo’s visit to Larry Hagman in Texas, and Sting’s fitness training (more about that on Friday).

Uschi Obermaier 1974


74-07 Uschie Obermeier

German model Uschi Obermaier on a poster from the Bravo Poster magazine of July 1974.

According to Wikipedia, Obermauer, who was born in 1946, ‘is a former fashion model and actress associated with the 1968 left-wing movement in Germany. She is considered an iconic sex symbol of the so-called “1968 generation” and the protests of 1968.

‘She was briefly a member of the Munich-based experimental commune/band Amon Düül around 1968/69 and lived in their commune. She met communard Rainer Langhans at a concert at the end of 1968 and she soon moved from Munich to the Berlin-based Kommune 1 after Langhans became her boyfriend. They talked openly to the media about their relationship, becoming symbols of the sexual revolution. They became the German version of John Lennon and Yoko Ono.

‘Kommune 1 was the first politically motivated commune in Germany, and Obermaier’s name is most intimately connected with the 1960s student rebellions in the minds of many Germans.However, she later said that she had no particular interest in politics, and that she moved into Kommune 1 simply to be close to Langhans. Photos of her at political demonstrations and with members of the Kommune appeared in all the popular magazines of the time.

‘Obermaier is said to have had affairs with both Keith Richards and Mick Jagger, as well as with Jimi Hendrix – a visitor to Kommune 1 – with whom she can be seen kissing and cuddling farewell outside his West Berlin hotel Kempinski in the movie Last Experience.

‘Today, she lives in Topanga Canyon near Los Angeles, and works as a jewellery designer.’