Bravo 3 May 1979

790503 Bravo cover

Village People Native-American guy on the cover of Bravo of 3 May 1979. This week 41 years ago, Germany’s youth read about:

• 15 hot questions for Boney M.
• Debbie Harry as nobody knows her
• Sweet reconcile with singer Brian Connolly
• Mike Douglas in his new film, The China Syndrome
• Tina Turner, all sexy on Germany tour
• David Bennent: the “dwarf” with a tin drum
• John Tavolta with beard on holiday in Tahiti
• Mike Oldfield on Germany tour: Genius or madman?
• Brooke Shields on Leif Garrett’s TV show
• How Marilyn Monroe died
• Peter Maffay in his own words
• The Manfred Mann story
• Olivia Pascal in her new film, Cola, Candy, Chocolat
• Reader Klaus Zschocke presents Olivia Newton-John with the Bravo award in Hollywood