Marilyn Monroe 1979

791115 Marilyn Monroe

The promo poster for the Marilyn Monroe & Yves Montand film Lets’ Make Love on a centrespread poster in Bravo of 15 November 1979.

Bravo 15 Nov 1979

791115 Bravo cover

A drawing of Marilyn Monroe on the cover of Bravo of 15 November 1979. This week 40 years ago, Germany’s youth read about:

• ABBA on their Germany tour
• Bravo with Bob Geldof in England
• Olivia Newton-John in love with a painter
• Focus on Kisds’ Paul Stanley
• Slits: Three wild punk witches
• The Teens on tour: Like Beatlemania (apparently)
• Introducing Marta and The Motels
• Did you know: Bunking school can get you fined or even jailed
• Schlager singer Chris Roberts at home
• How Bruce Lee died
• Best mopeds of 1979
• Are Sweet getting Brian Connolly back?