Nastassja Kinski 1982


Nastassja Kinski on a centrespread poster in Bravo of 20 October 1982. No puns about her black pussy, please.


Bravo 20 Oct 1982 (+BAP)


Actor Lewis Collins on the cover of Bravo of 20 October 1982. This week 36 years ago, Germany’s youth read about:

• Singer Nena in private
• Fleetwood Mac: divided in private, united on stage
• Now in the cinemas: Australian movie Mad Max
• Marilyn Monroe tells medium: “I was murdered”. Moidered, I tells ya!
• Cologne’s rock band BAP live (see below)
Shogun‘s Richard Chamberlain: This is how he looks beardless
• Bravo readers on Pink Floyd’s The Wall Movie (it’s scary, apparently)
• German New Wave group Spliff’s plans for a new album
• Bryan Ferry is becoming a father
• Something about crappy Hubert Kah
• Opinions on how most 16-year-old girls aren’t virgins
• Italian singer Adriano Celentano now a comic actor

Here the article on BAP, the rock band led by the Springsteenesque Wolfgang Niedecken, which enjoys legend status in Germany even though they sing only in the dialect of their city, known as Kölsch.




Bravo 15 July 1982 (Elvis)


Elvis Presley, with an excess of make-up, on the cover of Bravo of 15 July 1982. That week 36 years ago, Germany’s youth read about:

• A visit to the Elvis museum at Graceland
• Interview with Falco
• Alan Parsons: The mysterious magician
• Robert Plant begins his solo career
• The story of a drug smuggler in jail
• Peter Maffay in pics, with autograph card
• Profile on the bassist from the Spifer Murphy Gang