Fanta ad 1982


An ad for Fanta in Bravo of 10 June 1982. Still in the old bottle. German Fanta was still yellow, not orange. Fanta was invented during Nazi Germany when the ingredients for Coca-Cola were scarce due to trade embargo.


Neue Deutsche Welle 1982


In the issue of 10 June 1982, Bravo invited readers to vote for their favourite Neue Deutsche Welle (New German Wave) act. My judgment:

The good: Fehlfarben, Spliff,  Ideal, Extrabreit, Falco, Rheingold, DAF

The OK: Spider Murphy Gang, Trio, UKW, Jawoll, Andreas Dorau

The bad: Hubert Kah (really, really bad), Markus

The Who the hell are you?: Vera Kaa, Nichts, Neonbabies, Insisters

The What are you doing here?: BAP, Bots (rock and political folk bands respectively, with no synth in sight), Kraftwerk, who virtually invented the genre but weren’t of it


Joachim Witt 1982


The excellent Neue Deutsche Welle star Joachim Witt on a centrespread poster in Bravo of 10 June 1982. Witt’s legendary song is the moody “Goldener Reiter“, but I prefer this eminently danceable track below. A “Herbergsvater” is the guy who runs a youth hostel; typically they’d scare the kids on school or other youth tours with their strict admonitions. Most German youth would have known what Witt was riffing on.


Bravo 10 June 1982


German football star Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, who would become an evil functionary, on the cover of Bravo of 10 June 1982. This week 37 years ago, Germany’s youth read about:
• Keith Richards: Clean of drugs since 1981
• Vote for your favourite Neue Deutsche Welle act
• Who will win the 1982 World Cup in Spain
• Kraftwerk: “We are the kling-klang sect”
• Debbie Harry returns to Blondie after flopped solo attempt
• Nina Hagen is now on a religious trip
• Introducing new wave band Fehlfarben
• Bad school report: How to tell your parents?
• Shakin’ Stevens on his successful Germany tour
• How to shrink your jeans

Here’s the song from 1983 which Kalle Rummenigge apparently hated: