Ute Kittelberger 1977

770120 Ute Kittelberger

German actress and Bravo Girl of The Year 1973 Ute Kittelberger on a single-page poster in Bravo of 20 January 1977. She had come second in the readers’ annual poll for favourite actress. More Ute Kittelberger posters.

The Top 10 of Bravo readers’ favourite actresses in 1976 was:

1. Sophia Loren
2. Ute Kittelberger
3. Uschi Glas
4. Linda Blair
5. Christiane Gött
6. Senta Berger
7. Nastassja Kinski
8. Susanne Uhlen
9. Romy Schneider
10. Tarryn Power

Bravo 13 Feb 1975


Actress and former Bravo Girl of the Year and World Teen Princess Ute Kittelberger, then still only 16, on the cover of Bravo of 13 February 1975.

This week 44 years ago, Germany’s youth read about:

• “Duel of the Black Bombers” (!): George McCrae and Carl Douglas on stage
• Ute Kittelberger’s pricate life in pictures
• Jethro Tull’s new live show
• The career of Sophia Loren
• David Cassidy’s horoscope
• Bravo readers interview the Sparks
• The Austrian duo Waterloo & Robinson
• What it’s like to be an au pair London
• The new “Sergeant Pepper” musical in New York

Bravo 14 August 1980 (+ Italo-Pop)


Actress and former Bravo Girl of the Year Ute Kittelberger features on the cover of Bravo of of 14 August 1980. That week 38 years ago, Germany’s youth read about:

• Bravo on tour in the US with Queen
• New Kiss drummer Eric Carr
• How actress Ute Kittelberger secretly married singer Bernd Clüver
• Rolling Stones “mini-magazine”
• Bravo visits Universal Studios
• Sex ed: What is pornography
• Racey’s comeback with a new drummer
• Johnny Logan in pics, with autograph card
• Introducing actor Matt Dillon
• Focus on Ital0-pop stars (Umberto Tozzi, Adriano Celentano, Drupi, Raffaela Carra, Toto Cutugno, Lucio Battisti, Alan Sorrenti etc). See below: