Stuart ‘Woody’ Wood 1977

770901 Woody

Bay City Rollers guitarist Stuart ‘Woody’ Wood on a cenrespread poster in Bravo of 1 September 1977. Bravo readers had voted Woody “Best Guitarist”. A well-deserved honour I’m sure…


Bravo 24 July 1975 (BCR)


The Bay City Rollers on the cover of Bravo of 24 July 1975. The speech bubble says, “Bravo has squeezed me out” (for a feature on Eric Faulkner). That week 44 weeks ago, Bravo readers read about:

• Is Elvis mortally ill?
• Britt Ekland and Rod Stewart: “We want to stay together forever”
• All about TV presenter Ilja Richter
• French actor Pierre Brice’s career in photos
• Paper Lace about their new single, “So What I I Am”

Bravo 6 October 1977


The Bay City Rollers’ Eric Faulkner and his absurd shorts feature on the cover of Bravo of 6 October 1977. This week 41 years ago, Germany’s youth read about:

• Whom readers voted as their most-hated singers (see below)
•  The Bay City Rollers on tour in the US
• Bravo Disco Concert in Mainz with Rosetta Stone, Bellamy Brothers, Frank Zander and, erm, The Clash
• A letter from Alfred Haase, Anni-Frid from ABBA’s father found through Bravo
• The career of Elvis Presley
• Bravo visits the graves of Presley, Dean, Hendrix, Monroe, Morrison Holly and others
• All you need to know about Status Quo
• Tina Charles and her new life

And here are Bravo readers’ most hated singers, with some pretty savage (and a few stupid) comments: