Bravo Charts Feb 1975


The readers’ charts in Bravo of 13 February 1975. At the top is the song which Schlager singer Michael Holm recorded in English as “When A Child Is Born”, a cover of which brought Johnny Mathis a huge Christmas hit later in the year. The melody itself is from a 1974 Italian hit called Soleado for the Daniel Sentacruz Ensemble.


Michael Holm 1975

75-03-27 Michael Holm

German singer Michael Holm, in full mid’70s fashion, on a single-page poster in Bravo of 27 March 1975. At the time he had a massive hit in Germany with “Tränen lügen nicht” (Tears don’t lie), originally an Italian song which Holm recorded in English in 1974 as “When A Child Is Born”, charting in the US. In late 1976 it became a big hit for Johnny Mathis.