Keith Richards & Anita Pallenberg 1968


Keith Richards and Anita Pallenberg on a strange depiction of domesticity on the back-page of Bravo of 15 July 1968. According to the caption, Pallenberg tempted Keef to come to Bratislava, where she was filming, with the promise of a meal of roast pork. Which I imagine is a euphemism.


Bravo 7 July 1977 (Japan)


David Batt of Japan on the cover of Bravo of 7 July 1977 — 7/7/77. This week 41 years ago, Germany’s youth read about:

• Neil Diamond is becoming an actor
• New singer: Andy Gibb, the little brother of the Bee Gees
• How new-fangled actor Sylvester Stallone had a hit with Rocky
• Introducing new band Japan (still without David Sylvain)
• The Rubettes on their Germany tour
• At home with Linda Blair
• How chief punks The Damned flopped in the USA
• The Kinks: “Still the kings” (ugh!)
• Reader Annette Ottow flew to LA to present David Cassidy with a Bravo Otto
• The craziest Beatles photos
• New acting star Beau Bridges
• Women are taking over the charts: Bonnie Tyler, Baccara, Julie Covington, Silver Convention, Ireen Sheer, Penny McLean, Marianne Rosenberg, Katja Epstein, Siw Inger, Elke Best and Jeanne, all in the charts at the same time!!!