Bravo 6 Nov 1980


German actress Dolly Dollar on the cover of Bravo of 6 November 1980. This week 38 years ago, Germany’s youth read about:

• Bettina Hübers of Neumünster claims: McCartney is my dad (see below)
• A horse kicked Swedish singer Harpo in the face
• Robert Palmer: Why I live on the Bahamas
• Peter Criss of Kiss without make-up
• The changing hairstlyles of ABBA’s Anni-Frid
• Youths tell what it’s like to fail a grade
• All about the movie Theo gegen den Rest der Welt
• Rod Stewart’s live show
• Footballer Franz Beckenbauer’s career in New York
• All about the new movie Fame
• Go with Bravo to the Pink Floyd “The Wall” concert in Dortmund in February 1981. Prices range from DM199 (224 euros in today’s value) from Munich in the south to DM149 (168 euros) from Lübeck in the north.

Here’s the story of the then 18-year-old who claimed Paul McCartney was her father, complete with a hand-written letter addressed to “Lieber Papi” (“Dear Daddy”). And more in the story…