Jethro Tull 1981


Ian Anderson and Jethro Tull, sporting a 1980s sci-fi image, on a single-page poster in Bravo of 26 February 1981.I bought their A album. It was rubbish. Anderson appeared here on a poster from 1975 just a couple of weeks ago.


Bravo 26 Feb 1981 (Queen)


Queen feature on the cover of Bravo of 26 February 1981. This week 38 years ago, Germany’s youth read about:

• Pink Floyd’s The Wall concert to become a movie
• Matt Dillon in photos, with autograph card (coming Friday)
• Remembering Bill Haley, who died on 9 February
• Brooke Shields interviewed on being a teenager
• How ex-groupie Dagmar Zima got to front her own group, Days
• What happens to shoplifters (tip: don’t do it)
• All about Superman 2
• Bravo visits pregnant Nina Hagen in the USA
• Saxon: The loudest band
• German teen heroin addict on being jailed in Turkey
• Jethro Tull’s comeback, with new image
• Sex ed: Can a girl lose her virginity through tampons?
• Teen actor Tommi Ohrner on his future plans
• Profile of Italian actor Bud Spencer

Romy Schneider 1981


German actress Romy Schneider as Austria’s 19th-century Empress Elizabeth, commonly known as Sisi, which was also the name of the massively popular film from 1955, albeit in the incorrect spelling, Sissi. Romy Schneider, a fine actress, died at the age of 43 half a year after this centrespread poster in Bravo of 22 December 1981 was published.

The real Sisi was assassinated in 1898 and reappeared 114 years later as Egypt’s military dictator.

Below an article in the same issue about Romy Schneider and the film.