Bravo 16 July 1981

810716 Bravo cover (Nosbusch)

Actress and TV presenter Desirée Nosbusch on the cover of Bravo of 16 July 1981. This week 39 years ago, Germany’s youth read about:

• Yoko’s revelations about John: “Was Lennon a wimp?”
• The houses where ABBA are hiding
• Désirée Nosbusch in pictures, with autograph card
• JR Ewing: The man everybody loves to hate
• New James Bond movie “In tödlicher Mission” out soon
• Hana Mandlikova, the new tennis queen
• New band Bow Wow Wow set for German TV debut
• How T. Rex invented glam rock
• Ultravox live on stage
• Quiz: Are you a true AC/DC fan
• Actress Sibylle Rauch: “Everybody knows me naked” (cue photo of Rauch with a breast exposed)