Bravo 13 Dec 1979 (ABBA)


ABBA feature on the cover of Bravo of 13 December 1979. This week 39 years ago, Germany’s youth read about:

• Donna Summer: From Cinderella to Disco Queen
• ABBA’s Björn presents his new girlfriend
• Italian singer Alan Sorrenti
• Bravo remembers actor Gary Cooper
• The new Terence Hill & Bud Spencer (they’re in Africa now)
• Pop group Promises at home
• REO Speedwagon’s tour of Germany
• Footballer Karl-Heinz Rummenigge interviewed


Bravo 2 April 1981 (ABBA)


ABBA feature on the cover of Bravo of 2 April 1981. This week 37 years ago, Germany’s youth read about:

• ABBA’s Benny recalls how it all began
• Midge Ure’s Ultravox have a hit (it means nothing to me!)
• Brian Johnson: How everything’s going with AC/DC
• Status Quo: Will this be their last tour? (no)
• A visit to Cliff Richard in Sheffield
• How Tatum O’Neal is making a fool of Leif Garrett
• The best thriller currently on screen: Dressed To Kill
• The stars of the wild Rock & Roll years
• Eurovision Song Contest line-up (#14, the UK’s Bucks Fizz, win)
• The Bay City Rollers’ attempted comeback
• Kristy McNichol’s pet monkey
• Maywood: the “disco sisters”
• Latest 50cc motorbikes reviewed

Bravo 4 October 1979


German rock singer Peter Maffay features on the cover of Bravo of 4 October 1979. This week 38 years ago, Germany’s youth read about:

• First photos of ABBA’s German tour (see below)
• All about John Travolta
• Introducing Nils Lofgren
• What you need to know about Clout
• Boston coming to tour in West-Germany
• Profile on South African F1 world champion Jody Scheckter
• Teenage band The Teens evicted from their practice room
• Status Quo’s Rick Parfitt private, in pics
• Profile on British group Racey
• The life of Marlon Brando



ABBA report 1977

Bravo’s story of how Anni-Frid of ABBA united with the father she never knew — thanks to Bravo. It’s a remarkable story.

Anni-Frid was born of a Norwegian mother and a German soldier during the occupation of Norway in World War 2. The father went back to Germany before the child was born; because of the stigma of collaboration, Anni-Frid was moved to Sweden to be raised by her grandmother.

Anni-Frid mother died young; all the girl had was the father’s name, Alfred Haase, who she grew up to believe to have died in the war. Thirty-odd years later she mentioned her father’s name in an interview with Bravo, which Haase’s grand-daughter read. Bravo was contacted, and mediated the meeting between the Swedish superstar and her long-lost father.

This is the report of that meeting, in Bravo of 22 September 1977