ABBA 1979

790726 POP Cover (ABBA)

ABBA on the cover of Germany’s pop magazine of 26 July 1979. Along with Rocky magazine, pop was Bravo’s big rival. With an insert of Germany’s edition of Melody Maker (with the UK original which the content had little in common), pop had more news and album reviews than Bravo, and covered a broader spread of acts it would cover. Rocky and pop merged in 1980, but didn’t last long beyond that.

Bravo 28 June 1979 (Agnetha)


ABBA’s Agnetha features in a rather unflattering photo on the cover of Bravo of 28 June 1979. This week 40 years ago, Germany’s youth read about:

• ABBA’s Agnetha and Björn and their new partners (see below)
• John Tavolta is filming a new movie, Urban Cowboy
• Steven Tyler: The wild one of Aerosmith
• Who’s behind “Pop Muzik” band M?
• Bravo recalls Woodstock (why two months before the 10th anniversary?)
• Sex ed: Love (well, sex) during the holidays
• The Teens answer readers’ questions
• How German teens dress up for The Rocky Horror Picture Show
• The private life of Swiss singer Paola in pictures
• The Rubettes make a comeback