Kristy McNichol 1982

820121 Kristy McNichol

Kristy McNichol on a single-page poster in Bravo of 21 January 1982. She came in second place in the readers’ poll for favourite actresses of 1981. More Kristy McNichol posters.

Here’s the top 10 of actresses:

  1. Farrah Fawcett
  2. Kristy McNichol
  3. Brooke Shields
  4. Bo Derek
  5. Natja Brunkhorst
  6. Carole Bouquet
  7. Carrie Fisher
  8. Olivia Pascal
  9. Orniella Muti
  10. Nastassja Kinski

Bravo 17 April 1980 (Kristy McNichol)


Actress Kristy McNichol features on the cover of Bravo of 17 April 1980. This week, 39 years ago Germany’s youth read about:

• Kristy McNichol moves into her own home (see below)
• The line-up for 1980 Eurivision Song Contest
• All about The Rocky Horror Picture Show
• Judas Priest blackmailed on their Germany tour
• ELP’s Carl Palmer’s new band
• Austrian singer-songwriter Georg Danzer on tour in West-Germany
• Toto: Six session musicians are becoming worldstars
• Profile of Schalke 04 football star Klaus Fischer
• The dates for Kiss’ Germany tour
• Growing up Turkish in Germany with strict fathers
• Bravo looks at The Knack in concert
• Teen actor Tommi Ohrner to make his singing debut
• Bravo visits Dutch trio Luv at home
• Vote for the best moped of the year
• Learn the “Rappers’ Delight” dance
• Bravo test drives LA’s craziest rollercoasters
• Reader Gudrun Scholz (15) presents the silver Otto to footballer Kevin Keegan


Kristy McNichol & Desirée Nosbusch 1981


Kristy McNichol and German TV/radio presenter and actress Desirée Nosbusch — two Bravo favourites — on a backpage poster in Bravo of 12 February 1981. According to the caption, the photo was taken in summer 1980 when Nosbusch visited the Little Darlings star in LA.

Both of them have featured many times in Bravo, and on this site, McNichol more times than Nosbusch.

Bravo 10 Jan 1980 (Kristy McNichol)


Kristy McNichol features, not for the first time, on the cover of Bravo cover, in the issue of January 1980. In that issue:

• Kristy McNichol told Bravo that she didn’t yet have as steady boyfriend (later we would learn that boyfriends weren’t Kristy’s thing),

• pupils were surveyed whether they cheat at school and how they do it (one girl in Düsseldorf had a famous artist do her art homework; she got the equivalent of an F for it),

• Bravo warned that drugs can be lethal, and why,

• Bravo interviewed the beautiful actress Olivia Pascal who says she was an ugly duckling at school (poster of Pascal tomorrow)

• Robert Palmer talked about his career and family,

• Racist movie Gone With The Wind featured as a photo-novel series

Bravo 31 July 1980

800731 Bravo Cover

Bravo regular Kristy McNichol on the cover page of Bravo of 31 July 1980. That edition included a 32-page mini-booklet (which you had to cut out and fold to size) on Marilyn Monroe, as well as articles on Frank Zappa (with a photo of Zappa on the toilet, as you do), AC/DC, J. Geils Band and Devo, and a “chance to make a record” with Smokie singer Chris Norman. The sex-ed article was on “How do you know that a boy is gay”, with the advice that homosexuals must be treated as equals.