Steve McQueen 1980


Steve McQueen on a centrespread poster in Bravo of 5 December 1980. The actor had died four weeks earlier at the age of 50.


Philips ‘The Entertainer’ ad 1980


An ad for Philips’ “The Entertainer” portable TV, radio and cassette player set — plus a clock-timer that switches on the TV or radio or tape deck at the time you set — in Bravo of 5 December 1980. You tell kids today how we suffered…..

Blondie article 1980


A report about Blondie — “How Debbie steals the show from her boys” — in Bravo of 5 December 1980. It reports on the new LP which shows different influences, Debbie Harry’s film Union City, how the band likes to record in LAS but must be in New York for musical growth, and Debbie’s work managing and producing The B-Girls (“an incredibly great band”, she gushes).

Bravo 5 Dec 1980 (AC/DC)


Angus Young of AC/DC features on the cover of Bravo of 5 December 1980. This week 38 years ago, Germany’s youth read about:

The Empire Strikes Back hits the cinemas
• AC/DC series: The life of “bad boy” Angus Young
• Blondie: Debbie Harry steals the show
• ABBA in fear that their kids will be kidnapped
• Frank Zappa in pics, with autograph card
• The Vapors, “rocking phantoms”
• A runaway explains why she left home
• All about the new Bud Spencer film
• The Pink Floyd story: How it all began
• Michael Beck, the “cool dude” from Xanadu