Marianne Faithfull 1980

80-06-5 Marianne Faithfull

Marianne Faithfull on a centrespread poster in Bravo of 5 June 1980.

A few months earlier Faithfull had enjoyed a comeback hit with “The Ballad of Lucy Jordan”, and her follow-up, “Broken English”, had just been released. Faithfull, her voiced ravaged by “lifestyle choices”, was regarded as some kind of grandmother. She was 33 years old.


West-Germany football team 1980


A 32-page mini-magazine in the Bravo of 5 June 1980, introducing the West-German squad to the Euro 1980 in Italy — the team that would win the competition with a 2-1 victory over Belgium in the final. The idea is to fold the pages in such a way as to create a pocket-size magazine. The player pictured on the instructions page is Hamburg’s Manfred Kaltz.





Bravo 5 June 1980


Alex from The Teens features on the cover of Bravo of 5 June 1980. This week 38 years ago Germany’s youth read about:

• Fleetwood Mac in pics, with autograph card
• All about TV series Taxi, which starts on German TV on 25 June
• The members of The Teens on handling female fans (well, they had only female fans)
• How to get a holiday job
• Dutch singer Maggie McNeal’s farm animals
• How comedian Mike Krüger came up with his novelty hit “Der Nippel”
• 10cc’s Eric Stewart was at death’s door for weeks
• Rock Hudson’s life and films
• How Austrian singer Wolfgang Ambros is in private
• Kristy McNichol in a new TV film