Year-end charts 1979

800102 1979 Year-end Chart

The year-end charts for 1979 of Bravo readers’ most popular hits, based on the weekly charts,  in Bravo of 2 January 1980. From the international charts,  I had five of them on single, and two on LP (Grease and ABBA’s Voulez-Vous). Of the 20 international hits, only one I don’t know (#19). Of the German hits, I owned none, and can recall the tune of six.

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Bravo 2 Jan 1980

800102 Bravo cover (Hehn)

German TV actor Sascha Hehn on the cover of Bravo of 2 January 1980. This week 40 years ago, Germany’s youth read about:

• Why fans go mad for AC/DC
• Bravo visits Debbie Harry on the set of her film Roadie
• Robert Redford in country music gear for his new movie
• Paul McCartney’s secret hideaway
• Three Curries in Musikladen show: Tim and sisters Cherie & Marie (see below)
• Your horoscope for 1980 (for my star sign, nothing came true)
• Introducing The Buggles
• Profile on Teens drummer Michael Uhlich
• The career of Liz Taylor in photos
• Teen actor Tommy Ohrner in pictures
• Sex-ed: Is sex sinful?