Katja Ebstein 1980


German singer Katja Ebstein and mimes on a centrespread poster in Bravo of 17 April 1980. Ebstein, an excellent singer, was about to represent West-Germany at the Eurovision Song Contest with the song “Theater”,a song that borrows heavily from Cabaret (or whastever Cabaret borrowed heavily from). Ebstein finished runner-up (as she did in 1970) to Johnny Logan’s weepie “What’s Another Year”. I blame those mimes.

Bravo 17 April 1980 (Kristy McNichol)


Actress Kristy McNichol features on the cover of Bravo of 17 April 1980. This week, 39 years ago Germany’s youth read about:

• Kristy McNichol moves into her own home (see below)
• The line-up for 1980 Eurivision Song Contest
• All about The Rocky Horror Picture Show
• Judas Priest blackmailed on their Germany tour
• ELP’s Carl Palmer’s new band
• Austrian singer-songwriter Georg Danzer on tour in West-Germany
• Toto: Six session musicians are becoming worldstars
• Profile of Schalke 04 football star Klaus Fischer
• The dates for Kiss’ Germany tour
• Growing up Turkish in Germany with strict fathers
• Bravo looks at The Knack in concert
• Teen actor Tommi Ohrner to make his singing debut
• Bravo visits Dutch trio Luv at home
• Vote for the best moped of the year
• Learn the “Rappers’ Delight” dance
• Bravo test drives LA’s craziest rollercoasters
• Reader Gudrun Scholz (15) presents the silver Otto to footballer Kevin Keegan