Saturday Night Fever 1979


The German poster for Saturday Night Fever (Nur Samstag Nacht) on as centrepread poster in Bravo of 13 December 1979, for no discernible reason nearly two years after the film played in the cinemas. Well, it is Saturday today…


Bravo 23 May 1979


John Travolta features on the cover of Bravo of 23 May 1979. That week 39 years ago, Germany’s youth read about:

• Interview with Blondie’s Debbie Harry and guitarist Chris Stein
• John Travolta’s show Welcome Back, Kotter finally to come to German TV
• The highlights of Kate Bush’s new concert show
• Amanda Lear’s wars with the press
• Focus on Kate Jackson of Charlie’s Angels
• British band Sniff’n’ the Tears
• The new ’50s revival comedy movie Eis am Stiel (Lemon Popsicle in the US)
• Rock singer Udo Lindenberg in pics with autograph card
• This year’s F1 drivers and their cars
• Footballer Kevin Keegan’s new single, “Head Over Heels”
• The Sparks make a comeback
• Rollerskating: What you need

Bravo cover 1 Feb 1979 (Travolta)


The cover of Bravo of 1 February 1979. That week 38 years ago, Germany’s youth read about:

• The winners of the actors’ category in the annual readers’ poll
• How the marriage of ABBA’s Agnetha and Björn broke up
• Status Quo, with an autographed card (printed signatures, of course)
• All about the members of the Village People
• Udo Lindenberg’s extravagant live show
• In the sex-ed pages: How girls explore their bodies

Bravo cover 14 Dec 1978

781214 Bravo Cover

John Travolta features on the cover of Bravo of 14 December 1978.

This week 38 years ago, Germany’s youth read about John Travolta’s new film titled Moment By Moment with Lily Tomlin, concerts by Queen and Olivia Newton-John, the best disco groups of 1978, how Kristy McNichols’ dreams came true, and the year’s best discovery despite being neither disco nor new wave nor rock: Dire Straits.

In the Bravo Bazaar, where stars made gifts to lucky readers, highlights included Olivia Newton-John’s satin outfit and John Travolta’s leather jacket from the closing scene of Grease (I’d like some of that action!), a Fender Stratocaster guitar signed by Status Quo, stage outfits from The Runaways’ Joan Jett and Sandy West, jackets from the Bay City Rollers, and an acoustic guitar signed by the members of Smokie…