Police 1981

810827 Andy Summers

Police guitarist Andy Summers in the first of a series of three single-page posters in Bravo of 27 August 1981. Below the completed series:

810827 Police poster series

Bravo 5 March 1981 (Police)


The Police feature on the cover of Bravo of 5 March 1981. In that issue 36 years ago, Germany’s youth read about:

• The alleged mistress of ABBA’s Benny Anderson: will it split the group?
• Introducing Adam and his Ants
• A clairvoyant predicts the future of the surviving three Beatles (I’ll post that crap on Friday)
• How to become a parachuter
• The Police: “We urgently need a break”
• Styx and Saga in concert
• Five punks let off steam: “We’re pissed off about everything.”
• Ian Dury: “I’ll throw my crutches away.”