R.I.P. Alan Longmuir

760408 Bravo Cover (BCR)

R.I.P. Alan Longmuir, co-founder and bassist of the Bay City Rollers. Seen here on the cover of Bravo of 8 April 1976.

Here’s my revisionist defence of the Bay City Rollers.


Bravo 8 April 1976 (BCR)


The Bay City Rollers feature on the cover of Bravo of 8 April 1976. This week 42 years ago, Germany’s youth read about:

• Interview with Ringo Starr (he’d be up for a Beatles reunion concert, and the others have also spoken about it, Ringo tells us.)
• Who’s better: Sweet or the Bay City Rollers?
• T. Rex reformed
• Sex ed: The subject nobody wants to talk about – Masturbation
• Bravo visits Schlager singer Chris Roberts in hospital (noise operation)
• The nominees for the Girl and Boy of the Year contest
• Why Tina Charles left 5000 Volts
• West-Germany’s ice-hockey team
• The amazing film career of Marlon Brando
• Sailor: “Bubbly like champagne”