Marilyn Monroe 1976

760729 Marilun Monroe in Bus Stop

Marilyn Monroe in a scene from Bus Stop on a superposter in Bravo of 29 July 1976.


Bravo 29 July 1976

760729 Bravo cover

A girl apparently waiting to see her gynecologist on the cover of Bravo of 29 July 1976. This week 43 years ago Germany’s youth read about:

• A visit to David Cassidy’s home (where he apparently doesn’t wear shirts)
• Bravo at the Bay City Rollers’ triumphant debut US concert
• “Now the girls are rocking”. Introducing The Runaways.
• All about new Scottish band Slik
• Austrian duo Waterloo & Robinson in pictures
• Profile of actress Taryn Power
• 4,500 at the Bravo Summer Holiday Disco in the island of Westerland
• New bands everybody’s talking about: Flintlock (er, who?)
• All about the epic film Quo Vadis, running on TV on 31 July
• The films of Marilyn Monroe