ABBA ‘Starschnitt’ 1977


ABBA on a “Starschnitt”, a life-size poster pasted together from many parts that run over months. This Starschnitt ran from 29 September 1977 to 12 January 1978. In the issue under review, 20 October 1977, the part was a bit Agnetha’s arm.


Bravo 20 October 1977


The cover of Bravo of 20 October 1977. That week 40 years ago, Germany’s youth read about:

• Shock news: The Bay City Rollers are emigrating to the USA
• After David and Shaun, third Cassidy brother Patrick is waiting to make his career
• “Stranglers: The punks with an organ”
• The future plans of Bud Spencer and Terence Hill
• Sweet postpone their German tour
• How young woman in wheelchair hitch-hiked to Portugal, England, Morocco, Egypt
• John Paul Young: the singer from whom the Bay City Rollers “stole” a hit (“Yesterday’s Hero”)

ABBA report 1977

Bravo’s story of how Anni-Frid of ABBA united with the father she never knew — thanks to Bravo. It’s a remarkable story.

Anni-Frid was born of a Norwegian mother and a German soldier during the occupation of Norway in World War 2. The father went back to Germany before the child was born; because of the stigma of collaboration, Anni-Frid was moved to Sweden to be raised by her grandmother.

Anni-Frid mother died young; all the girl had was the father’s name, Alfred Haase, who she grew up to believe to have died in the war. Thirty-odd years later she mentioned her father’s name in an interview with Bravo, which Haase’s grand-daughter read. Bravo was contacted, and mediated the meeting between the Swedish superstar and her long-lost father.

This is the report of that meeting, in Bravo of 22 September 1977