Bravo 16 June 1977 (Beatles)


The Beatles feature on the cover of Bravo of 16 June 1977. This week 40 years ago, Germany’s youth read about:

• Neil Diamond’s triumphant tour, Slade’s Germany gigs, Peter Maffay in concert
• The Dead End Kids (“they look liker punks!” No, they damn well don’t)
• All about the beautiful Swedish singer Siw Inger
• An interview with Nastassja Kinski
• A new series on The Beatles story
• How “Lost In France” made an overnight star of Bonnie Tyler
• What will be the name of ex-Bay City Roller Ian Mitchell’s new group?

Bravo 17 March 1977 (Sweet)


The cover of Bravo of 17 March 1977. That week 40 years ago, Germany’s youth read about:

• Teenage actress Nastassja Kinski’s appearance in an episode if crime series Tatort
• Interview with Sweet’s singer Brian Connolly (“We should change our name”)
• How Boney M live
• Introducing new Bay City Rollers member Pat McGlynn
• Susan Dey on the set of her new TV series Love Me, Love Me Not
• Eddie And The Hit Rods in concert
• The Beatles Revival Band
• Slik’s “comeback”
• Spanish singer Jeanette with her hit “Porque te vas”

Girl of the Year 1977

770224-teen-wahlThe shortlist of for the annual “Girl of the Year” contest in Bravo of 24 Feb 1977. Every year, ordinary teenage boys and girls would enter the contest. Forty girls and 40 boys would be shortlisted, for readers to vote their finalists. The winner would be elected by the crowd at a mega-concert event.

And look at entrant #24: actress Rebecca de Mornay. She came nowhere. Six years later she was a Hollywood star, appearing opposite Tom Cruise in Risky Business.


“Rebecca De Mornay (17) was born in California attends high school in Kitzbühel, Austria. at 1,67m in height and 55kg in weight, she likes to compose and write lyrics.”