Smokie 1977

770901 Smokie

A four-part series of profiles on the Smokie members started in Bravo of 1 September 1977, with drummer Pete Spencer first up. Smokie were also the running Starschnitt stars, as we saw a few weeks ago.

770901 Pete Spencer


Taxi 1977

770901 Taxi

English BCR-clones Taxi on the back-page poster of Bravo of 1 September 1977. The band — Paul DeBiase, Ross Burgess, Phil Polcaro,  Joe DeBiase and Pasquale Polcaro — were heavily marketed to German audiences, with their debut LP selling at a heavily discounted price, basically the price of a single. That way they sold several ten thousands records.They released four albums before they were parked in a garage, never trio be seen again.

Bravo 1 Sep 1977 (Linda Blair)

770901 Bravo Cover (Linda Blair)

Exorcist actress Linda Blair features on the cover of Bravo of 1 September 1977. This week 42 years ago, Germany’s youth read about:

• How Elvis rocked, published two weeks after his death (see it on Sunday)
• Joe Walsh rescued the Eagles
• Bravo readers voted BCR’s Stuart ‘Woody’ Wood “Guitarist of the Year”
• Linda Blair in The Exorcist II (her demonic vomit? Pea soup)
• Scandal: The Clash were banned from the Musikladen TV show
• Girls before court — because of a man
• Scandal over Boney M: Did they plagiarise “Ma Baker”? (see below)
• Profile of Smokie drummer Pete Spencer
• Vicky Blue, The Runaways’ new bassist
• All about actor Dick Gautier

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And here’s the Boney M article

770901 Boney M