John Lennon 1967 (cover)




John Lennon features on the cover of a Bravo in 21 August 1967


Bravo 23 December 1980 (Beatles)

801223 Bravo cover

The Beatles feature on the cover of Bravo of 23 December 1980. It was the first issue after the murder of John Lennon that Bravo could include coverage of that sad event (see below).

That Christmas week 36 years  Germany’s youth read about
• AC/DC’s new stage show
• John Denver on The Muppets (which was to be broadcast in Germany on 26 December)
• “Rock Djangos” Motörhead
• The “white negro” Eric Burdon
• Leif Garrett’s unlucky love life
• A stage invasion at a UK Subs gig in Berlin.

Below the “This was John Lennon” article.

801223 Lennon tribute