Elvis Presley 1957 (cover)


Elvis Presley makes his debut on a Bravo cover in the issue of 9 February 1957


Bravo 13 April 1978 (Elvis)


A very unflattering picture of Elvis features on the cover of Bravo of 13 April 1978. What were they thinking?

This week 39 years ago Germany’s youth read about:
• Bravo’s visit to Elvis’ grave
• A film about the mysterious life of Amanda Lear
• How Star Wars made a star of young(ish) Harrison Ford
• All about Vader Abraham and his Smurfs
• The Ramones member from Berlin
• Uriah Heep’s Germany tour
• David Cassidy mourns the death of his dog (which had appeared in many publicity shots of him)

Bravo 29 Nov 1979 (Elvis)

791129 Bravo cover

Elvis features on the cover of Bravo of 29 November 1979.

This week Germany’s youth got an autograph card of Debby Harry with her kiss. That’s reason enough to buy that issue.

Other stuff in that edition: Shaun Cassidy meet German teen group The Teens (whose name did not really promise an infinite career), young TV & radio presenter Desirée Nosbusch at home and at work at Radio Luxembourg, the romantic life of Farrah Fawcett-Majors, Jeff Lynne the ELO “dictator”, on tour with Racey, Brooke Shields in the film Tilt, and the “most beautiful” photos of Elvis.