Smokie 1977

770901 Smokie

A four-part series of profiles on the Smokie members started in Bravo of 1 September 1977, with drummer Pete Spencer first up. Smokie were also the running Starschnitt stars, as we saw a few weeks ago.

770901 Pete Spencer


Suzi Quatro & Chris Norman 1978

781123 Quatro & Norman

Suzi Quatro and Smokie’s permed singer Chris Norman on a centrespread poster in Bravo of 23 November 1978. The RAK label mates were having a hit with “Stumblin’ In”, a song whose single I bought, then hated, and lately discovered I rather like (still, it didn’t make A Life In Vinyl 1978).

The poster’s photo was taken during their performance on the Disco ’78 TV show. Suzi is quite adorable here.

Bravo cover 26 May 1977

77-05-26 Bravo Cover

Nastassja Kinski features on the Bravo cover page of 26 May 1977. Inside was a double-page spread of black & white photos of Kinski, still a teenager, including a full-frontal nude photo from a movie.

On other pages, the excellent sex-ed guy Dr Korff discussed “friendship with sex”, and Bravo began a new “Starschnitt”; over several weeks you’d collect pieces of what would become a life-size poster of the featured subject, in this case Smokie.