Bravo 28 July 1983

830728 Bravo cover (Nena)

Nena on the cover of Bravo of 28 July 1983, as she was virtually every other week. This week 37 years ago, Germany’s youth read about:

• How “Every Breath You Take” saved Sting’s marriage to Trudie
• Win with DM1,000 with Kajagoogoo
• The stations of Nena’s breath-taking career
• Kim Wilde in focus
• Michael Jackson mini album (see tomorrow’s post)
• Mötley Crüe: They’re copying Kiss
• Robin Gibb in pictures, with autograph card
• Sex ed: “Nobody wants to go out with me”
• Thousands of readers want to help tormented lab animals

Railways ad 1983

830609 Die Bahn

An advert for Germany’s railway, “Die Bahn”,  in Bravo of 9 June 1983. The set-up here is that the scary Punk and the peppy Popper (as the new romantic type young conservatives with their expensive clothes, douchebag hair and fucked-up superior attitude were called) are brothers who want to get far away from one another, but both are getting the summer railways pass. But from different counters. Grrrr!