Mike Krüger 1975

751023 Mike Krüger

German comedian Mike Krüger on the back-cover of Bravo of 23 October 1975. The guy was 23 at the time. He’d had a big hit with a comic song called “Mein Gott Walter”. He went on to be a big name in German comedy.

Bravo 23 Oct 1975 (Jaws)

751023 Bravo Cover (Jaws)

The poster of the movie Jaws (“Der weiße Hai”) on the cover of Bravo of 23 October 1975. This week 44 years ago, Germany’s youth read about:

• Looking back at 1,000 Bravos
• Wings in concert: “Paul is singing ‘Yesterday’ again”.
• Ursula Andress as a karate-kicking “nun” in the movie Africa Express
• Meet British group Showaddywaddy
• Zenda Jacks, “England’s sharpest rock girl”
• Bravo visits Oktoberfest 1975
• Meet the members of The Partridge Family
• All about the new film Jaws
• Bravo at the rodeo
• Greek singer Vicky Leandros: “My songs are my life”