Hello 1975

751204 Hello

Pop group Hello on the backpage poster of Bravo of 4 December 1975. They had just had a hit with “New York Groove”

Bravo 4 December 1975

751204 Bravo cover

Disco singer Penny McLean and her aggressively wide flares on the cover of Bravo of 4 December 1975. This week 44 years ago, Germany’s youth read about:

• How Penny McLean’s “Lady Bump” has caused a new dance
• The Bay City Rollers in the USA
• Earth, Wind & Fire’s crazy show
• Interview with Cat Stevens (he gets messages from space!)
• Teen stars of the USA: Mark Hamill, Leif Garrett, Freddie Prinze, Robby Benson…
• Singer Bernd Clüver: New single, new album, new show
• Sex ed: Naked as God made us
• Action actor Wolf Goldan now sings
• Introducing Showaddywaddy
• Singer Rex  Gildo on his future
• Sean Connery’s new movie