Sex Pistols 1976

760930 Sex Pistols

Bravo’s feature on the Sex Pistols from the new Punk Rock wave from Britain, in the issue of 30 September 1976.

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Sex Pistols 1976

76-11-18 Sex PistolsThe Sex Pistols, still with Glen Matlock. Bravo Superposter 18 November 1976.

“Anarchy In The UK” wasn’t coming out in the UK for a month yet, so the Sex Pistols hype had hit even Germany before the group had released anything. In fact, it was carried as a news brief in Bravo when the Pistols signed their short-lived contract with EMI.

Bravo carried a couple of interviews with Johnny Rotten at the time. And he came across as a very cooperative kind of fellow!

The poster is a great character study. Paul Cook’s t-shirt states his hatred for Pink Floyd, and Glen Matlock provides the template for Sid Vicious’ sneer.