Bravo 24 July 1975 (BCR)


The Bay City Rollers on the cover of Bravo of 24 July 1975. The speech bubble says, “Bravo has squeezed me out” (for a feature on Eric Faulkner). That week 44 weeks ago, Bravo readers read about:

• Is Elvis mortally ill?
• Britt Ekland and Rod Stewart: “We want to stay together forever”
• All about TV presenter Ilja Richter
• French actor Pierre Brice’s career in photos
• Paper Lace about their new single, “So What I I Am”


James Stacy 1972


Actor James Stacy features on the cover of Bravo of 19 July 1972.Stacy was starring in the TV western series Lancer. A year after this issue Stacy was hit by a drunk driver while riding a motorbike. His girlfriend died, and he lost a leg and an arm in the accident. He continued to act in a wheelchair. His career came to an end when he was jailed for six years in 1996 for molesting a 11-year-old girl. He died at 79 in 2016.

Bravo 18 July 1974


740718 Bravo Cover

Sweet’s Steve Priest and his dog features on the cover of Bravo of 18 July 1974. This week 45 years ago, Germany’s youth read about:

• What Steve Priest is really like
• The Three Degrees must go to be by 9
• The Who celebtate their 10th anniversary
• Footballer wives: Meet Frau Susi Hoeneß
• Jean-Michael Vincent: the “New James Dean”?
• Julio Iglesias: “I don’t always feel like smiling”
• A wife and mother at 16
• Jürgen Marcus as he is
• This week’s Legends of Film: Brigitte Bardot

Bravo 7 July 1977 (Japan)


David Batt of Japan on the cover of Bravo of 7 July 1977 — 7/7/77. This week 41 years ago, Germany’s youth read about:

• Neil Diamond is becoming an actor
• New singer: Andy Gibb, the little brother of the Bee Gees
• How new-fangled actor Sylvester Stallone had a hit with Rocky
• Introducing new band Japan (still without David Sylvain)
• The Rubettes on their Germany tour
• At home with Linda Blair
• How chief punks The Damned flopped in the USA
• The Kinks: “Still the kings” (ugh!)
• Reader Annette Ottow flew to LA to present David Cassidy with a Bravo Otto
• The craziest Beatles photos
• New acting star Beau Bridges
• Women are taking over the charts: Bonnie Tyler, Baccara, Julie Covington, Silver Convention, Ireen Sheer, Penny McLean, Marianne Rosenberg, Katja Epstein, Siw Inger, Elke Best and Jeanne, all in the charts at the same time!!!

Fritz Wepper 1972


German actor Fritz Wepper on the cover of Bravo of 5 July 1972

Wepper was on TV at the time as junior police detective Harry Klein in the hugely popular series Der Kommissar. Towards the end of that series, he transferred — character and all — to the new detective series Derrick, where the titular character’s command to Harry to fetch the car has become a cultural reference in Germany.

He also appeared in the 1972 film Cabaret as Fritz Wendel, the guy who has a crush on Liza Minelli’s Sally Bowles. “And here’s the craziness: I like it. God damn it!”