Charts March 1977


The readers’ charts in Bravo of 17 March 1977. There’s some good stuff in the international charts (ELO, ABBA, Boston, Queen etc). But the killer track is on top of the German charts.



Bravo charts March 1982


The charts in Bravo of 11 March 1982. On the left are the sales charts; on the right the charts as voted for by readers. Plus an item about Suzi Quatro’s backside having been voted the best for jeans at an expo for jeans manufacturers in London.

Bravo charts December 1977


The readers’ charts in Bravo of 22 December 1977. There are some very good sings here: ABBA’s “The Name Of The Game” being the best of the lot. Interesting that at least the Top 4 of the German charts are covers of international hits (from #1 down, by Umberto Tozzi, Raffaela Cara, Kenny Rogers and the Bellamy Brothers).

Number 5, the annoying and horribly catchy “Skateboard” was a parallel hit for Benny and, as an instrumental, by Copains. It was written by Boney M svengali Frank Farian. Here’s Benny singing it on the ZDF Hitparade. Note the complete lack of enthusiasm from the audience; but our Benny keeps smiling.