Bravo cover 24 Jan 1980 (Nastassja Kinski)


Nastassja Kinski features on the cover of Bravo of 24 January 1980. The cover story follows below (avert your eyes if you are offended by nudity). This week 38 years ago, Germany’s youth read about:

• Will these be the big stars of the ’80s: Gary Numan, Buggles, Madness, Devo?
• Who is the best-looking member of Cheap Trick?
• Teen actor Thomas Ohrner’s masses of fan mail
• Sex ed: What happens when girls have their period?
• Rod Stewart’s last ten years in photos

And here’s Nastja. She says she’ll never again show as much skin as she does in Stay As You Are.



Bravo 27 Oct 1977 (Nastassja Kinski)

771027 Bravo cover

Nastassja Kinski features, again, on the cover of Bravo on 27 October 1977. The cover story promised the truth about Kinski, following headliners in the press about the 16-year-olds exploits in Hollywood. Turns out that Nasti was still down to earth, and that Roman Polanski never laid a hand on her (presumably because Kinski was too old for him).

Other stories: An ill boy asks why he must die (later it was reported that he received a flood of letters), Runaways and Smokie are both coming on tour in Germany and Uriah Heep just toured there, and The Rubettes are trying out a country sound.