Year-end Charts 1976

761230 Biggest hits of 1976

The biggest hits of 1976 according to the weekly readers’ charts in Bravo of 30 December 1976.

The number 1s in video:


Bravo 10 Nov 1977

771110 Bravo cover

Sweet, Bay City Rollers and Smokie — the leading candidates for the readers’ poll for Best Band of 1977 — on the cover of Bravo of 10 November 1977. This week 42 years ago, Germany’s youth read about:

• Star Wars: Two robots conquer the world (see Thursday)
• Three girls with both legs on the stage: Maggie Mae, Tina York, Elfie Graf
• Tom Petty: Blonde guy with a thundersound
• Leif Garrett private
• Rosetta Stone cooking at their live shows in Germany
• How teen girl lost a leg in motorcycle crash
• Shaun Cassidy shows off his dream house
• Schlager singer Tony Holiday: From fashion designer to hitmaker

Bravo 18 July 1974


740718 Bravo Cover

Sweet’s Steve Priest and his dog features on the cover of Bravo of 18 July 1974. This week 45 years ago, Germany’s youth read about:

• What Steve Priest is really like
• The Three Degrees must go to be by 9
• The Who celebtate their 10th anniversary
• Footballer wives: Meet Frau Susi Hoeneß
• Jean-Michael Vincent: the “New James Dean”?
• Julio Iglesias: “I don’t always feel like smiling”
• A wife and mother at 16
• Jürgen Marcus as he is
• This week’s Legends of Film: Brigitte Bardot

Bravo 17 March 1977 (Sweet)


Sweet on the cover of Bravo of 17 March 1977. This week 42 years ago Germany’s youth read about:

• All you must know about Boney M.
• Brian Connolly on changes in Sweet’s sound and image
• Nastassja Kinski’s role as teacher-seductress on TV’s Tatort
• Susan Dey in her new TV series Love Me, Love Me Not
• Pat McGlynn is the new Bay City Roller
• Manfred Mann’s Earth Band on tour
• Spanish singer Jeanette, and her hit “Porque Te Vas”.
• Bravo reader presents Otto trophy to Sophia Loren
• Eddie & the Hot Rods live: “A hot punk night”
• Introducing the Beatles Revival Band
• Slik and their new live show
• Comedian Frank Zander’s stage show
• Ex-Bravo Girl of the Year plays a role in Winnetou play at Elspe
• Raymond Harmstorf and Franco Nero in TV’s new hit, Wolfsblut

Bravo 22 Jan 1976 (Sweet)


Sweet feature on the cover of Bravo of 22 January 1976. This week 43 years ago, Germany’s youth read about:

• Sweet’s plans for 1976 (including a Germany tour in May)
• Readers voted their to 10 sports stars (see Wednesday’s post)
• All about English glam band Hello
• New hit tip from England: Elkie Brooks
• Marty Feldman in Young Frankenstein
• Sex ed: Pregnant — What now?
• Your rights when the cops arrest you
• The new sound of Schlager singer Bernd Clüver
• The death of ex-Uriah Heep bassist Gary Thain
• Sydne Rome in her new film Umarmungen

Bravo 3 Feb 1977 (Sweet)


Sweet’s Andy Scott features on the cover of Bravo of 3 February 1977. In the cover story he tells “the truth about Sweet”. Other things Germany’s youth read about 41 years ago this week:

• The films of Elvis Presley
• The “sensational” live show of Udo Lindenberg
• Homeless teen found a new home after a report in Bravo
• Spotlight on new German actor Marius Müller-Westernhagen
• Nazareth: The four Scotsmen who don’t want to be stars
• Introducing Swedish ski sensation Ingmar Stenmark

And here’s the scoop on Sweet. Well, they are changing labels and want to try a new musical direction…