Bravo cover 11 Aug 1977

770811 Bravo cover (Smokie)

Smokie feature on the cover of Bravo of 11 August 1977. This week 43 years ago, Germany’s youth read about:
• Smokie to become more rock-oriented*
• New sci-fi movie Star Wars (it’ll never catch on)
• Alice Cooper rocks like in old times
• Kevin Keegan, the new superstar on the German football scene
• How US band Starz (no, me neither) got 12 million fans in a year
• New erotic film Bilitis
• All about The Runaways’ Joan Jett
• How dangerous is ‘abnormal’ love? (Nothing wrong with it, says Bravo)
• Latest fashions from New York
• Germany’s new cycling sensation Didi Thurau

* with fucking “Mexican Girl”???

Bravo Cover 7 Aug 1980

800807 Bravo Cover

Teen actor Tommi Ohrner stars on the cover of Bravo of 7 August 1980. This week 40 years ago, Germany’s youth read about:

• Bryan Ferry: Dream man with small flaws (like being a fox-hunting Tory)
• What to do when your uncle touches you indecently
• New TV series Vega$
• Village People now movie stars
• Matchbox bring back 50s sound
• Ute Kittelberger and Bernd Clüver at Disneyworld

Bravo 28 July 1983

830728 Bravo cover (Nena)

Nena on the cover of Bravo of 28 July 1983, as she was virtually every other week. This week 37 years ago, Germany’s youth read about:

• How “Every Breath You Take” saved Sting’s marriage to Trudie
• Win with DM1,000 with Kajagoogoo
• The stations of Nena’s breath-taking career
• Kim Wilde in focus
• Michael Jackson mini album (see tomorrow’s post)
• Mötley Crüe: They’re copying Kiss
• Robin Gibb in pictures, with autograph card
• Sex ed: “Nobody wants to go out with me”
• Thousands of readers want to help tormented lab animals

Bravo 27 July 1978

780727 Bravo cover

Status Quo feature on the cover of Bravo of 17 July 1978. This week 42 years ago, Germany’s youth read about:

• Are Travolta and Olivia in love? [Yeah, well, about that…]
• The Runaways on tour in Germany
• Beatles: Why a new age in rock began with them (see next Saturday)
• Bravo in LA at the recording of the Bay City Rollers’ TV show
• The story of Status Quo
• How Rod Stewart became one of the greats
• Why Schlager singer Roland Kaiser’s girlfriend suddenly ran off
• German girl’s three weeks in a Greek jail after patchoulie oil on her was mistaken for hashish

Bravo 16 July 1981

810716 Bravo cover (Nosbusch)

Actress and TV presenter Desirée Nosbusch on the cover of Bravo of 16 July 1981. This week 39 years ago, Germany’s youth read about:

• Yoko’s revelations about John: “Was Lennon a wimp?”
• The houses where ABBA are hiding
• Désirée Nosbusch in pictures, with autograph card
• JR Ewing: The man everybody loves to hate
• New James Bond movie “In tödlicher Mission” out soon
• Hana Mandlikova, the new tennis queen
• New band Bow Wow Wow set for German TV debut
• How T. Rex invented glam rock
• Ultravox live on stage
• Quiz: Are you a true AC/DC fan
• Actress Sibylle Rauch: “Everybody knows me naked” (cue photo of Rauch with a breast exposed)

Bravo 12 July 1984

840712 Bravo cover

Italian singer-songwriter Raf, who wrote the Laura Branigan hit “Self- Control”, on the cover of Bravo of 12 July 1984. This week 40 years ago, Germany’s youth read about:

• Limahl interviewed (“I live in an empty house”)
• The love lives of Duran Duran
• Cyndi Lauper: “A nun beat the bad out of me”
• The great live show of Cologne band BAP
• Interview with Rick Springfield
• Autograph card of Nik Kershaw
• The story of Elvis’ “rise and tragic death”
• Italian singer Raf: Success of “Self Control” was unexpected
• Schwarzenegger is back as Conan the Barbarian
• Mötley Crüe: “Wild, sexy and loud”
• Michel Platini, Europe’s best football player
• Howard Jones: Always in a good mood on stage
• New film: Strassen in Flammen (Streets Of Fire)
• All about Alphaville
• Nena interviewed
• Shakin’ Stevens’ fan club database stolen
• Child actor Noah Hathaway injured himself while breakdancing
• New “chaos band”: Die Arzte

Bravo 8 July 1976 (Kiss)

760708 Bravo cover (Kiss)

Kiss star on the cover of Bravo of 7 July 1976. This week 44 years ago, Germany’s youth read about:

• Kiss: The horror rockers
• 45,000 people at West-Germany’s biggest-ever concert
• Pierre Brice’s comeback as Winnetou
• Shaun Cassidy graduates from high school
• Bay City Rollers fans answer Sweet’s criticism
• The ascetic life of Carlos Santana
• All about stock car racing
• The new New York movie Mean Streets (in German: Hexenkessel)
• West-Germany’s best bets for gold in 1976 Olympics

Bravo 1 July 1982 (Falco)

820701 Bravo Cover (Falco)

Austrian new wave singer Falco on the cover of Bravo of 1 July 1982. This week 38 years ago, Germany’s youth read about:

• Adam Ant in his new video for “Goody Two Shoes”
• Joan Jett’s upbringing in working class Baltimore
• Thge greatest Neue Deutsche Welle songs to dance to
• A photospread of Falco with autograph card (see Sunday)
• Introducing East German band Karat
• New law to give teenagers new rights
• All about Neue Deutsche Welle band Jawoll
• How to get a Dallas hairstyle
• Actor Oliver Tobias at home
• Diego Maradonna: Is he worth 19 million marks (today’s equivbalent, with inflation factored in of 19,5 euros)

Bravo 23 June 1977

770623 Bravo Cover (Winnetou)

French actor Pierre Brice as Winnetou on the cover of Bravo of 23 June 1977. This week 43 years ago, Germany’s youth read about:

• The Eagles: Once they’ve gripped you, you can’t get loose, apparently
• Elvis: He is still going to sit on his throne for a long time (see next Tuesday’s post)
• The marriage of David Cassidy and Kay Lenz
• What The Beatles did in Hamburg
• Rosetta Stone: The secret behind their name
• Singer Juliane Werding’s new love
• Sex ed: What the first time means to you
• Profile of German singer Wolfgang Petry
• Ex-BCR member Pat McGlynn’s new band

Bravo 20 June 1985

850620 Bravo cover (Nena)

Nena on the cover of Bravo of 20 June 1985. This week 35 years ago, Germany’s youth read about:

• How Bruce Springsteen married his Julie
• Profile on Duran Duran drummer Roger Taylor
• Falco back in the charts with “Rock Me Amadeus”
• Depeche Mode’s Dave Gahan: “I was in jail”
• How Foreigner members fight with one another
• Nena lost lost 5kg
• Saga in concert
• Nina Hagen’s crush on David Bowie
• Bravo visits David Cassidy in London
• All about The Breakfast Club movie
• 16-year-old tennis hopeful Steffi Graf at home
• Introducing French actress Sophie Marceau
• Beauty tips from Heather Locklear