Bravo 1 April 1982

820401 Bravo cover (Helen Schneider)

US singer Helen Schneider on the cover of Bravo of 1 April 1982. This week 38 years ago, Germany’s youth read about:

• Adam Ant and Tenpole Tudor guitarist want Kim Wilde’s love
• Rock night on TV: Rick James, Kinks, Van Morrison
• Helen Schneider: “The nice rock witch”
• All about German new wave band Spliff
• How Cliff Richard rocked 20 years ago
• Schlager singer Peter Kent “kidnapped” his own son
• Saga in concert
• Bravo visits actor Will Aames in California
• The latest about Ideal

Bravo 31 March 1977

770331 Bravo cover

A pair of sex-ed lovebirds on the cover of Bravo of 31 May 1977. This week 43 years ago, Germany’s youth read about:

• Linda’s exclusive pics of Paul McCartney for Bravo
• Bryan Ferry and his fiancee from the LP sleeve, “Gerry” Hall
• “Mad Irishmen” Thin Lizzy in concert in New York
• How Kai Lenz won David Cassidy’s heart
• Behind the scenes of the Hitparade tour
• The man inside the King Kong costume
• BCR drummer Derek Longmuir behind the scenes
• Introducing pop fiddler Lonzo
• Smiley’s ups and downs after their first year
• Sex-ed: Young people speak about their first time (not everybody had good experiences)