Gigliola Cinquetti 1976


Italian singer Gigliola Cinquetti on a centrespread poster in Bravo of 22 April 1976. Two years earlier, Cinquetti had finished runner-up to ABBA at the Eurovision Song Contest with the rather good song below (she had won it at 17 in 1964). Read about how ABBA won and Cinquetti didn’t.



Bravo 22 April 1976 (Peter Maffay)


German rock singer Peter Maffay and a motorbike on the cover of Bravo of 22 April 1976. This week 43 years ago Germany’s youth read about:

• How Brotherhood of Men won the Eurovision
• 16 questions for Peter Maffay
• Slade’s comeback
• Looking back at the Rolling Stones’ 1965 German tour
• The Bay City Rollers have a new member, Ian Mitchell
• All about Italian singing star Gigliola Cinquetti
• Davis Essex’s German tour flopped
One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest five Oscars
• The life of singer Roland Kaiser (as a baby he was a foundling)
• How animals are abused
• Jan-Michael Vincent’s new film
• Introducing England’s Bop Deluxe
• Schlager singer Roy Black on becoming a father
• Vote for your dream moped
• Newcomer Schlager singer Ingrid Peters

Katja Ebstein 1980


German singer Katja Ebstein and mimes on a centrespread poster in Bravo of 17 April 1980. Ebstein, an excellent singer, was about to represent West-Germany at the Eurovision Song Contest with the song “Theater”,a song that borrows heavily from Cabaret (or whastever Cabaret borrowed heavily from). Ebstein finished runner-up (as she did in 1970) to Johnny Logan’s weepie “What’s Another Year”. I blame those mimes.