Jimi Hendrix 1973


Jimi Hendrix pictured in the Bravo Posters magazine of September 1973.

(h/t www.bravo-archiv.de)


Bravo 13 Sep 1979 (Patrick Hernandez)


French disco singer Patrick Hernandez — who had a megahit with Born To Be Alive — on the cover Bravo of 13 September 1979. The issue included as photo profile of the singer with autograph card (see below). This week 39 years ago, Germany’s youth read about:

• The rock festival in Nürnberg with AC/DC, The Who Scorpions and Cheap Trick
• Nastassja Kinski in her new film Tess
• Graverobbers target Marc Bolan’s resting place
• Two new members of Wings interviewed (there were new members???)
• The new film of Terence Hill and Bud Spencer
• Future douchebag-in-chief Scott Baio
• All about new “bombing band” The B-52s
• Profile of football star Rüdiger Ambramczyk
• Mini-series Angelique coming to the TV screens
• Behind the scenes of the film The Warriors
• Interview with singer Marianne Rosenberg (she’s often lonely)
• Robin Scott, the man behind Pop Muzik’s M
• Girls who work as car mechanics