Bravo 12 August 1982


Annoying German new wave singer Hubert Kah features on the cover of Bravo of 12 August 1982. That week 35 years ago Germany’s youth read about:

• Footballers Toni Schumacher, the villain, and Pierrre Litbarski, the “sunnyboy”
• Your rights: May your parents throw you out?
• Asia in concert in Philadelphia
• New tennis hero Mats Wilander
• Nina Hagen’s new image (all new wave and Christian)
• A visit to Olivia Newton-John

Chris Roberts 1974


German Schlager singer Chris Roberts on a superposter in Bravo in August 1974. Nobody told him that cigarette smoke makes his hair, clothes and breath stink?

A softly-spoken singer of typical clap-along Schlager music, Roberts was born in 1944 as Christian Klusáček — a name that really does require a stage moniker. His mother was German; his father Yugoslavian. Since that liaison was illicit under the Nazis, young Christian didn’t get German citizenship. For 72 years, Roberts remained without citizenship. He applied for a German passport in April 2016, received it a year later, and died in July 2017.


Fritz Wepper 1970


German actor Fritz Wepper on a “Star of the Month” calendar poster in Bravo of 3 August 1970. Wepper was on TV at the time as junior police detective Harry Klein in the hugely popular series Der Kommissar. Towards the end of that series, he transferred — character and all — to the new detective series Derrick, where the titular character’s command to Harry to fetch the car has become a cultural reference in Germany.

He also appeared in the 1972 film Cabaret as Fritz Wendel, the guy who has a crush on Liza Minelli’s Sally Bowles. “And here’s the craziness: I like it. God damn it!”