Rock Bands of 1979

In its 27 September 1979 issue, Bravo invited readers to vote for their favourite bands, and helpfully featured a while lot of suggestions over three pages. Whom would you have voted for? Me? At the time possbily The Boomtown Rats. Today I’d ask: Where are the soul bands, Bravo?

In 1979 I bought records by 17 of these 35 acts.

Bravo 27 Sept. 1979

Paul Stanley of Kiss on the cover of Bravo of 27 September 1979. This week 43 years ago, Germany’s youth read about:

• ABBA as they prepare for their world tour
• Bravo reader meets Nastassja Kinski
• Introducing the Police and its singer Stung
• Robin Williams, the funny Mork from Ork
• Barry Manilow’s new TV show
• Vote for the best rock group of 1979 (see coming Saturday’s post)
• James Dean, still loved 24 years after his death
• The lethal drug heroin
• Bravo visits Cliff Richard in London
• The “sex bombs” of the 1950s & ’60s
• Autumn fashions 1979
• Sex-ed: When your body is mature but your soul isn’t