Bravo 17 April 1980 (Kristy McNichol)


Actress Kristy McNichol features on the cover of Bravo of 17 April 1980. This week, 39 years ago Germany’s youth read about:

• Kristy McNichol moves into her own home (see below)
• The line-up for 1980 Eurivision Song Contest
• All about The Rocky Horror Picture Show
• Judas Priest blackmailed on their Germany tour
• ELP’s Carl Palmer’s new band
• Austrian singer-songwriter Georg Danzer on tour in West-Germany
• Toto: Six session musicians are becoming worldstars
• Profile of Schalke 04 football star Klaus Fischer
• The dates for Kiss’ Germany tour
• Growing up Turkish in Germany with strict fathers
• Bravo looks at The Knack in concert
• Teen actor Tommi Ohrner to make his singing debut
• Bravo visits Dutch trio Luv at home
• Vote for the best moped of the year
• Learn the “Rappers’ Delight” dance
• Bravo test drives LA’s craziest rollercoasters
• Reader Gudrun Scholz (15) presents the silver Otto to footballer Kevin Keegan



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