Elvis Presley 1959


Elvis Presley on the cover of Bravo of 28 November 1959.


Conny Froboess 1959


German teen actress and singer Conny Froboess, then 16, on a Starschitt that began in October 1959. Below the piece that ran in Bravo of 3 October 1959. It was Bravo’s third-ever Starschnitt. There were 122 Starschnitts in all, until the feature was discontinued in 2006. Tomorrow another, later Starschnitt.


Hardy Krüger 1959


German actor Hardy Krüger on a poster in Bravo of 3 October 1959. Krüger appeared in several international hits, including The Bridge Over Arnhem, The Wild Geese, The Flight of The Phoenix, The One That Got Away and Hatari!

In the last weeks of World War II, the then 16-year-old was drafted into an SS division. He was sentenced to death for refusing to shoot at US soldiers, but his superior didn’t carry out the sentence but used him as a messenger instead. Krüger then deserted and hid in a forest until he could surrender to the US Army. After the war he became an activist against right-wing extremism.

Marion Michaels 1959


German teenage actress Marion Michaels features on the cover of Bravo of 21 June 1959. She had her success three years earlier, when she appeared topless — the second German actress to appear nude on film, after Hildegard Knef — in Liane, Jungle Goddess. She had no great success after that, hampered by a serious car accident. Later she voluntarily moved from West to East-Germany. She died in 2006 at the age of 66.