Mark Hamill 1978


Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker on a super-poster in Bravo of 23 February 1978. Hamill featured here less than a couple of weeks ago on as poster from 1981.

Bravo 12 Feb 1981 (Mark Hamill)


Mark Hamill features on the cover of Bravo of 12 February 1981. That week 36 years ago Germany’s youth read about:

• The story of Queen
• Styx on their US tour
• What to expect from Judas Priest’s German tour
• Nastassja Kinski’s new short hair
• Gossip from John Lennon’s bodyguard (“Yoko had John bewitched”)
• Sascha Hehn, star of Das Traumschiff, Germany’s TV answer to The Love Boat.
• Barbra Streisand’s career in photos
• A Bravo reader’s trip to the US to present Leif Garret with the readers’ poll trophy

Mark Hamill 1980

80-12-17 Mark Hammill SP

For this week we’ll cover posters from Bravo issues that were current on Christmas Day in that week.

Here’s actor Mark Hamil on a poster from Bravo of 17 December 1980. The Star Wars movie The Empire Strikes Back (featured here) was a big thing at the time. I gather there is a new Star Wars movie out in which it is revealed that Darth Vader is not Luke’s father after all.