Joan Jett 1982


Joan Jett on a centrespread poster in Bravo of 19 May 1982. I’m not judging Jett for wearing a t-shirt of herself, but why doers she look like Michael Jackson ca. 1987 on the image on the shirt?


Bravo 23 Feb 1978 (Runaways)


Joan Jett of the Runaways features on the cover of Bravo of 23 February 1978. That week 39 years ago, Germany’s youth read about:

• What German fans said about the Bay City Rollers tour
• Girl rock group The Runaways
• The story of Luke Skywalker and Mark Hamill
• The success of Paul McCartney’s Wings
• Australian singer John Paul Young, who’d later that year give his name to two popes
• All about Uriah Heep and their latest concerts
• The life story of Smokie singer Chris Norman
• Udo Lindenberg’s concerts
• Teenybopper band Rosetta Stone in Japan