Neue Deutsche Welle 1982


In the issue of 10 June 1982, Bravo invited readers to vote for their favourite Neue Deutsche Welle (New German Wave) act. My judgment:

The good: Fehlfarben, Spliff,  Ideal, Extrabreit, Falco, Rheingold, DAF

The OK: Spider Murphy Gang, Trio, UKW, Jawoll, Andreas Dorau

The bad: Hubert Kah (really, really bad), Markus

The Who the hell are you?: Vera Kaa, Nichts, Neonbabies, Insisters

The What are you doing here?: BAP, Bots (rock and political folk bands respectively, with no synth in sight), Kraftwerk, who virtually invented the genre but weren’t of it


Bravo 3 December 1981


German new wave band Ideal feature on the cover of Bravo of 3 December 1981. That week 36 years ago, Germany’s youth read about:

• ABBA on the zenith of their career
• The unbreakable love between Andy Gibb and Victoria Principal
• ELO in pictures and on an autograph card
• First anniversary of John Lennon’s death: How he fought for peace
• How the Bee Gees’ hits are made
• Keith Richard: I quit heroin for my son