Bravo 12 August 1982


Annoying German new wave singer Hubert Kah features on the cover of Bravo of 12 August 1982. That week 35 years ago Germany’s youth read about:

• Footballers Toni Schumacher, the villain, and Pierrre Litbarski, the “sunnyboy”
• Your rights: May your parents throw you out?
• Asia in concert in Philadelphia
• New tennis hero Mats Wilander
• Nina Hagen’s new image (all new wave and Christian)
• A visit to Olivia Newton-John


Hubert Kah 1982

820902 Hubert Kah

German new wave singer Hubert Kah on a centrespread poster in Bravo of 2 September 1982. Hubert was an exponent — not the best, it must be said — of the Neue Deutsche Welle (New German Wave) that revolutionised Germany’s music scene. Starting with acts like DAF and Ideal, the scene quickly became commercial and increasingly banal.