Falco 1982

82-11-04 Falco

Austrian singer Falco is pictured on a back-page poster in Bravo 4 November 1982

That year Falco had a hit with Der Komissar (an English version by Into The Fire was also a hit).  The lyrics, with the Viennese patois, were pretty funny. Four years later Falco had a UK #1 hit with Rock Me Amadeus. He died on 6 February 1999, thirteen days before his 42nd birthday.


Falco 1982

82-06-16 Falco

Austrian new wave singer Falco on a centre-spread poster in Bravo of 16 June 1982. He had his breakthrough hit with “Der Kommissar” at the time. Falco died in 1998. He previously featured here with THIS POSTER.