Neue Deutsche Welle 1982


In the issue of 10 June 1982, Bravo invited readers to vote for their favourite Neue Deutsche Welle (New German Wave) act. My judgment:

The good: Fehlfarben, Spliff,  Ideal, Extrabreit, Falco, Rheingold, DAF

The OK: Spider Murphy Gang, Trio, UKW, Jawoll, Andreas Dorau

The bad: Hubert Kah (really, really bad), Markus

The Who the hell are you?: Vera Kaa, Nichts, Neonbabies, Insisters

The What are you doing here?: BAP, Bots (rock and political folk bands respectively, with no synth in sight), Kraftwerk, who virtually invented the genre but weren’t of it


Bravo 8 July 1982


German new wave band Extrabreit feature on the very 1980s cover of Bravo of 8 July 1982. That week 35 years ago, Germany’s youth read about:

• “Rock grandpas” ZZ Top and Status Quo on German TV
• What’s going to happen ext in Dallas.
• The showmanship of Mick Jagger
• West-Germany’s theme parks
• Are D.A.F. really splitting up?

Extrabreit 1982

82-02-25 Extrabreit CS

German rock band Extrabreit on a centre-spread poster in Bravo of of 25 February 1982. As part of the Neue Deutsche Welle, Extrabreit were marked by their especially provocative lyrics. Every school pupil in the German-speaking world in 1981/82 appreciated the sentiment of their biggest hit, “Hurra Hurra, die Schile brennt” (Hoorasy, hooray, the school is burning).