Dead End Kids 1977

770908 Dead End Kids

The Dead End Kids on a pull-out superposter in Bravo of 8 September 1977. It is this poster I had to put up, instead of yesterday’s very cool Jimi Hendrix one, after my brother won the Great Poster Debate of ’77. Just look  at the state of them!


Bravo cover 8 Sept 1977

770908 Bravo Cover

British teeny band The Dead End Kids on the cover of Bravo of 8 September 1977. This was the issue of the Great Poster Debate in our house; more of which later.

Articles in that edition included:
• Did Roman Polanski seduce 16-year-old Nastassja Kinski? (Apparently they are just friends. Phew. Surely Roman Polanski wouldn’t be a statutory rapist!)
• Bill Cosby prescribes happy pills (OK, not really).
• The life and death of Jimi Hendrix.
• Elvis’ life in pictures (remember, he had just died).