Bravo 14 Oct 1976 (Marianne Rosenberg)

761014 Bravo cover (Rosenberg)

German singer Marianne Rosenberg on the cover of Bravo of 14 October 1976. This week 43 years ago, Germany’s youth read about:

• Eric Faulkner, the secret boss of the Bay City Rollers
• Paul McCartney’s Wings in Germany
• Boney M: The hot voices of “Daddy Cool”
• Queen live in concert
• Marianne Rosenberg talks about her producer, Achim Heider
• Sailor’s triumphant tour of Germany
• Cliff Richard: England’s eternally young superstar
• Overdosing on heroin in Amsterdam
• Bravo visits TV announcer Hanni Vanhaiden
• 15-year-old: Why I am keeping my baby

And here’s Marianne Rosenberg again:

761014 Marianne Rosenberg

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