Bravo 2 Oct 1980 (James Dean)

801002 Bravo cover

A drawing of James Dean on the cover of Bravo of 2 October 1980, a few days after the 25th anniversary of his death. This week 39 years ago, Germany’s youth read about:

• ABBA: the latest from their private life
• Introducing Nena of The Stripes
• Behind the scenes of Kiss’ Europe tour
• Did Leif Garrett lie…for fun?
• Cheap Trick guitarist Rick Nielsen and his 80 guitars
• At home with Taxi actor Jeff Conaway
• Sex-ed: Why girls have crushes on celebrities
• Introducing The Piranhas and their hit, “Tom Hark”
• Saxon: Heavy metal from England
• Run-aways: Bravo offers help
• The Leo Sayer story
• Girl expelled from school for anti-FJ Strauss* badge: what readers think
• 25 intimate questions for singer Bernhard Brink
• Robert Urich, the new TV detective in Vega$
• The best one-liners from the movie Little Darlings

* Right-wing, apartheid-supporting scumbag who ran for chancellor in 1980. Munich’s airport is named after that asshole.

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