Bravo 1 June 1978 (Rick Parfitt)


Rick Parfitt of Status Quo in a daring state of undress on the cover of Bravo of 1 June 1978. This week 41 years ago, Germany’s youth read about:

• How Rick Parfitt got threats from jealous guys over his near-naked pics
• Bravo asks: Why is Saturday Night Fever so popular…
• …and visits German discotheques on Saturday nights
• Journey live in concert
• Israel’s Izhar Cohen after winning the Eurovision Song Contest
• Introducing newcomer Elvis Costello
• The career of The Bee Gees in pictures
• Eruption: “Their music is like a erupting volcano”
• The quick Germany visit by the Carpenters
• Juliane Werding at her new Munich home
• Leif Garrett on his visit to West-Germany
• Interview with Udo Lindenberg
• Sex ed: “How do I tell my patents that I masturbate?” (Seriously??)
• Keith Emerson seeks new wife and new music

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