Bravo 3 May 1978 (John Travolta)


John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever pose on the cover of Bravo of 3 May 1978. This week 41 years ago, Germany’s youth read about:

• Queen’s four-city tour of West-Germany
• Terence Hill and his greatest roles
• All about star Saturday Night Fever John Travolta
• German fans cheered for Kansas support act Cheap Trick
• The new singing sensation: Kate Bush
• How Swedish singer Siw Inger nearly died
• Ken Hensley, the boss of Uriah Heep
• The Bay City Rollers in private
• Introducing teenybopper band The Teens
• Louis de Funès’ new comedy
• Ute Kittelberger’s life after marrying singer Bernd Clüver
• Bravo at a LA music festival featuring Aerosmith, Santana, Heart, Foreigner, Scumbag Nugent, Stevie Nicks with Mick Fleetwood, Bob Welch, and Dave Mason before 300,000 people


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