Favourite sports stars 1978


The winners of the annual poll of favourite sports stars of 1977 was published in Bravo of 9 February. Footballer Hansi Müller, a previous Bravo Boy of the Year finalist, came in straight at number 3.

The men’s Top 10:
1 Sepp Maier (football, West-Germany)
2 Klaus Fischer (football, West-Germany)
3 Hansi Müller (football, West-Germany)
4 Dietrich Thurau (cycling, West-Germany)
5 Dieter Müller (football, West-Germany)
6 Kevin Keegan (football, England)
7 Gerd Müller (football, West-Germany)
8 Rainer Bonhof (football, West-Germany)
9 Alwin Schockemöhle (horse jumping, West-Germany
10 Franz Klammer (downhill ski, Austria)

And the women’s Top 10:
1 Annegret Richter (sprint, West-Germany)
2 Dagmar Lurz (figure skating, West-Germany)
3 Evi Mittermaier (downhill ski, West-Germany)
4 Christa Zechmaier (downhill ski, West-Germany)
5 Pamela Behr (downhill ski, West-Germany)
6 Rosi Mittermaier (downhill ski, West-Germany)
7 Ellen Wellmann (middle-distance runner, West-Germany)
8 Rosemarie Ackermann (high jump, East-Germany)
9 Brigitte Holzapfel (high jump, West-Germany)
10 Eva Wilms (shot-put, West-Germany)

Here’s the men’s category winner, Bayern Munich goalkeeper Sepp Maier



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