Princess Anne 1976


Princess Ann, member of Britain’s wealthiest family of social grants recipients, on a single-page poster in Bravo of 22 January 1976. She had finished third in Bravo’s annual readers’ poll for favourite sports star of 1976.

In the women’s section, the top 10 were:

1 Ulrike Meyfarth (high jump, West-Germany)
2 Ellen Wellmann (sprint, West-Germany)
3 Princess Anne (horse jumping, Britain)
4 Rosi Mittermaier (downhill ski, West-Germany)
5 Chris Evert (tennis, USA)
6 Nadia Comaneci (gymnastics, Romania)
7 Uta Schorn (gymnastics, West-Germany)
8 Christa Zechmeister (downhill ski, West-Germany)
9 Annegret Richter (sprint, West-Germany)
10 Kornelia Ender (swimming, East-Germany)

Mittermaier and Comaneci would be the big stars of the winter and summer Olympics that year.

The men’s winners and Top 10 runs on Wednesday.


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