Bravo 17 April 1978 (Status Quo)


Status Quo feature on the cover of Bravo of 27 April 1978.The big thing this week is a survey in response to officialdom that has branded the magazine a hazard to the youth, because of its sex-ed pages. Most Germans of many generation will testify that Bravo did mighty work in providing youths with credible and sensible sex education in ways parents and schools failed (or, if teachers succeeded, they’d get removed).

This week 40 years ago, Germany’s youth also read about:

• Profile of Status Quo’s members
• Baccara in bikinis on holiday in Spain
• Slade’s comeback
• The Bay City Rollers after the return of Alan Longmuir
• Shaun Cassidy in pics, with autograph card
• Youths discuss smoking
• A Red Cross volunteer at a Bay City Rollers concert
• Rod Stewart and Leif Garret at a celebrity Olympics in California
• The “fascinating story” of Carlos Santana


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