Kristy McNichol 1981


Kristy McNichol on a single-page poster in Bravo of 2 April 1981. It has been a while since we have had Kristy featured. See previous posters of her.


One thought on “Kristy McNichol 1981

  1. Markus Marzi April 8, 2018 / 14:15

    Hello there…
    i remember me at this time as were it yesterday:
    My childroom with the cowboys at the wall and my posters and cut out pages of my Kristy,of course from Bravo above my bed.
    With the Superposter and this page with my Kristy in that black bikini on the springboard in front of the blue water and this with her yellow top!

    On the other page of this Bravo was a little Homestory of my Kristy…
    (…anything about a monkey of my Kristy this time at home ??? )

    ” Danke ” for the E-Mail with the great Superposter months ago !

    In deep Love,Markus Marzi


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